Any scar or wound as a result of inflammation caused by the bacteria H. pylori, as well as from erosion from stomach acids is commonly known as ulcer .

  • gastric ulcers: ulcers that develop inside the stomach.
  • esophageal ulcers: ulcers that develop inside the esophagus.
  • duodenal ulcers: ulcers that develop in the upper section of the small intestines, called the duodenum.
  • Peptic ulcer : ulcers that develop both in stomach as well as duodenum

The symptoms of ulcer include :

உண்டியை மறுத்தலாலும் உவட்டி நெஞ்செரிசலாலும்
மண்டி நின்றேதிரேடுத்து வயிற்றையே வலிக்கையாலும்
பண்டு முன்பழமலத்தில் பித்தம் சேர்தலாலும்
விண்டுதான்வலிக்கும் குன்மம் இதுவென விளம்பலாமே!!!
–யூகி முனி வைத்திய சிந்தாமணி.

Loss of appetite (உண்டியை மறுத்தல்). Heartburn (நெஞ்செரிச்சல்). Regurgitation -GERD (எதுக்கலித்தல்). Stomach Pain (வயிற்றை வலித்தல்). Dark blood/ black stools due to Blood leakage in severe ulcer (பழமலம்). (Haeme- iron content which gives the colour

Loss of appetite (உண்டியை மறுத்தல்).

Heartburn (நெஞ்செரிச்சல்).

Regurgitation -GERD (எதுக்கலித்தல்).

Stomach Pain (வயிற்றை வலித்தல்).

Dark blood/ black stools due to Blood leakage in severe ulcer (பழமலம்). (Haeme- iron content which gives the colour

( other symptoms include )

Mouth ulcer Loss of appetite unexplained weight loss Indigestion Anaemia Weight loss etc

causes of ulcer according to ancient siddha science :
செய்யான குன்மத்தின் தோற்றந் தன்னைச்
செப்பிடவே துவர்ப்பான பொசிப்பினாலும்
மய்யான மங்கையுடன் மருவலாலும்
வகையாகுங் கிழங்குவகை அருந்தலாலும்
உய்யன மிளகுவகை உரைப்பினாலும்
உறுபசியை அடக்கிடும் மந்தத்தாலும்
தய்யான சண்டாள கோபத் தாலும்
சலிப்பினாலும் குன்மம் வந்தடையும்பாரே
–யூகி முனி வைத்திய சிந்தாமணி.

Due to consumption of impure water and high astringent foods increased sex induces excess body heat - and high acid secretion leading to ulcer High intake of gastric foods like potatoes , yam, plantain green and cooker rice etc Consumption of spicy foods like chilli, black pepper , masala items Starvation or fasting -postponing the hunger Stress , anxiety , shouting at someone causes increased acid secretion leading to ulcer etc

( other causes could be )
Over use of painkillers (such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen),
Heavy alcohol intake ,
psychological stress,
Smoking ,
H. pylori ( intestinal bacterial infection )
Sleeplessness etc
another disease, such as Stomach cancer or Crohn’s disease

Complications of a peptic ulcer :

Untreated ulcers can become worse over time leading to other more serious health complications such as: Perforation: A hole develops in the lining of the stomach or small intestine and causes an infection with severe pain .

Internal bleeding: Bleeding ulcer can result in significant blood loss leading to anaemia , fainting , stomach bloat , black stools etc

Scar tissue: This is thick tissue that develops after an injury. This tissue makes it difficult for food to pass through your digestive tract. Signs of scar tissue include vomiting and weight loss

All three complications are serious with symptom like :
sudden, sharp abdominal pain
Fainting excessive sweating, or confusion, as these may be signs of shock
blood in vomit or stool
abdomen that’s hard to the touch
abdominal pain that worsens with movement but improves with lying completely still

Treatment for ulcer :

Increased gastric (Vatham) is made to taken out with certain laxative herbs by increasing the intestinal motility.
The body heat is reduced with coolant and alkaline herbs so that the ph level is maintained in the GIT
Herbal formulations are given to heal the inner layers of the GIT tract with intestinal tonics.
Certain external medicated bath oils are given to reduce the body heat. Treating the root cause , it can be cured permanently.


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