Coming to thyroid, it's one of the endocrine gland situated in the neck region. It produces hormones namely T3- storage form (tri -iodo thyroxine), t4- active form (tetra iodo thyroxine), calcitonine. T3 and T4 helps in metabolism, growth and development etc And calcitonine helps in proper breakdown of calcium helping in strengthening of bones, teeth, nails etc TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone) is secreted by the pituitary gland, it causes the thyroid gland to release more T3 and T4. A high TSH level means there isn't enough thyroid hormone, and a low TSH level means there is too much.

HYPOTHYROID When T3, T4 is low This condition can be cured permanently by thyroid indusing herbs and sea minerals and dietary modifications

HYPERTHYROID When T3, T4 is high This condition can be cured with thyroid suppressing herbs bringing the thyroxine level to be normal.

HUSHIMOTTOS SYNDROME When T3 and T4 are normal and TSH is alone high it's NOT HYPOTHYROID.. it's an auto immune disorder known as Hushimottos diseases

Auto immune disorder can be corrected with our herbal medicines by cleansing the blood , enhancing the liver function to trap out the older circulating hormones which are interrupting the brains signal pathway.


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