Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder in which the blood sugar goes higher than the normal due low or no insulin or sometimes due to lack of cell receptors for the insulin.


  • Type 1 :This might be due to an auto immune diseases where the beta cells are destroyed by our own immune system ,where the pancreas fails to secrete insulin .
  • Type 2 : Because of the improper functioning of brain signal pathway the body fails to utilise the secreted insulin (due to toxins and older circulating hormones in the blood due to improper liver function ).Lack of cell receptors to receive insulin into the cell along with glucose .,

According to ancient siddha science type is diabetes is been classified as 20

Vata Neerilivu – 4 types (because of gas)
Pitta Neerilivu – 6 types ( because of body heat and liver - bile )
Kapha Neerilivu – 10 types( because of body fat )


According to “yugimuni vaithiya kaaviyam” யூகிமுனி வைத்திய காவியம் the causes of diabetes is mentioned below :

கட்டளைமிகுந்திட்டாலுங் காலங்கள்தப்பினாலும்
இட்டமாம் பாலும் நெய்யும் ரத்தமும்புளிப்பும் மிஞ்சில்
வட்டமாம் முலையார் தங்கள் மயக்கத்தின் கலவியாலும்
நெட்டிலைகோரை போலே நீரிழிவாகுந்தானே.
–யூகிமுனி வைத்திய காவியம்.

Which means diabetes is due to :

  • excess work pressure with out rest.
  • Irregular habits postponing hunger , sleep etc
  • Increased intake of milk products , ghee , animal fats , sour items ( tamarind ) etc
  • Too much indulgence in sexual activities weakens the 7 systems of the body namely saaram- (chyme), seneer (blood),oon (bone), kozhupu (cholesterol), enbu (bone) ,moolai(bonemarrow), sukilam/suronitham (semen/ovum) leading to diabetes
  • This in turn leads to auto immune disorder - where our own beta cells of the pancreas is destroyed ( brain thinking it as a germ / antigen )


  • phagia
  • Poly urea
  • Poly dypsia ... which is already explained by the great saint more than few thousands years ago - siddhar Theraiyar describes the symptoms of DIABETES MELLITUS as below

தேரையார் பாடல்:
நீரிழிவின் குணத்தை
நீயறிய விரித்து சொல்வோம்
நீரினை பெருக்கல் ஒன்று,
நீரினை மறுக்கள் ஒன்று,
நீரிழிவுடனே கொல்லும்
நீர்ச் சொட்டு வினைகள் ஒன்று.
* தேரையர் சித்தர்


  • Diabetic nephropathy
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Diabetic neuropathy

Which is explained as
நீர்மேகம் ஆனவருக்கு நாடி தானும்
நீர்மயமாய் நாடியெல்லாம் பலமே கெட்டு
கார்மேகம் போலவேந் தெரிமேல் புரண்டு
விழும்புழுப் போலவே புரண்டு காட்டும்.

weak nerves (naadi), due to deterioration of 7 systems (thaathus) like the worm wriggling in the fire leading to weakness and impotent lowering the semen quality etc which might also lead to infertility .


Often it is managed with insulin and treated symptomatically ..

Initial stage treatments in siddha for diabetes :

Ancient siddha system it is treated with anti - oxidant rich herbs to rejuvenate the pancreatic cells to synthesis insulin itself as well as the immune system is made to function well by detoxing the blood and enhancing the liver function to trap out the older circulating hormones .

In chronic stages of diabetes ( diabetes more than years ) , additionally multi herbal formulations are given to strengthen the 7 systems of the body namely - chyme , blood , muscle , fat , bone , bone marrow , semen / egg quality .

In case of high creatinine due to chronic kidney disease .. some diuretics are also advised along with some life style changes and dietary modifications .


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