Jaundice is a condition where the bilirubin in the blood goes high (i.e) the Pitha dosha - (increased bile levels ) in the blood causing yellow tinct to the eyes , nails ,skin etc

Symptoms of jaundice :

Prevention :

Classic yellow tinge to the skin and eyes Yellowing of mucous membranes in the mouth and nose.

Stools (faeces or poo) can be pale in colour and urine dark in colour.

Flu,fever, chills ,stomach pain ,itching or weight-loss can also be associated with jaundice Loss of appetite , anaemia , stomach bloat , joint pain are the symptoms associated during the onset of jaundice

Causes of jaundice :

Jaundice is caused by a build-up of bilirubin in the blood and body tissue. That build-up is often due to conditions affecting the liver, such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, or gallstones.

If someone shows signs of jaundice, it’s better to treat the root cause rather than the jaundice itself.

Life span of RBC is 120 days , the destroyed RBC is been taken up by the live to form bilirubin as a waste by-product (Biliary system of the liver ) and it is stored as bile in the gall bladder .

This bile opens up into the second part of the duodenum (small intestine) , helping in fat digestion .

Infections or damage to liver , increased body heat (Pitham) due to excess of sex , spicy foods , alcohol , hepatitis , increased visceral fat (fatty liver) , chronic intake of antibiotics and steroid medicines can disrupt this process, leading to jaundice.

Cholesterol, high intake of fat foods , pancreatitis gall stones can also lead to jaundice .

Prevention :

General tips include :

*Avoiding hepatitis infection,

*staying within recommended alcohol limits or better try to avoid totally

*maintaining optimal weight and blood cholesterol levels

*Maintaining the basal body heat ( not going high - with practice of oil bath weekly once with sesame oil - whole body )

*Reduce spicy foods like chilli and masala items

*Limit or avoid deep fried items

*Say no to carbonated drinks , food colours , preserved foods , MSG etc

*Sleep regularly at night for minimum 8 hours for proper liver function and metabolism

*Add pepper , garlic , ginger , turmeric powder , lemon which are all natural fat burners and aids metabolism .

Treatment :

The vitiated pitham (bile) is been cleansed out through vomiting in response to immune system naturally . If not it is , made to initiate vomiting with natural vomiting inducing herbs to take off the excess bilirubin in the blood . Multi herbal formulation are given to balance the Nadi ( increased pitham) , reducing the body heat with natural herbs to cool down so that the RBC ‘s life span is maintained well , reducing the bilurubin . Always the root cause is considered and the treatment is given . For example : if one hepatitis infection - immune modulator herbs are given . Proper life style modification and diet are advised depending upon the persons life routine , conditions etc

Speciality in siddha :

In India its most common that the jaundice patients are always insisted to go to a traditional siddha practiser since ancient time for proper jaundice treatment where keelanelli (phylanthus niruri) is given internally . For jaundice, the juice of samoolam ( the plant ) is given in the dose of 10-20ml three times daily.

*For jaundice the fresh root (10 grams) is ground and given along with freshly drawn milk. This medicine is taken early morning and very effectively cures this disease.

*Also the herb karisalai (Eclypta prostrata) is also found to be helpful in cause jaundice and liver problems .



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